performance / installation / app

Since 2003 I am developing an interactive platform to facilitate my experimental video works. My early interest in the real-time manipulation of visual compositions led to a series of custom softwares. The cognitive coding of artistic information evolved into a 3D virtual unreality. These generative algorithms root equally in my theoretical research and artistic concept.

Brain, bird, view 2015.

pop / media / art

My pop alter ego. All aspects of media is equally important for my endeavours. Through 'VJ Yourself' I am opening up the visual language of pop culture for remixing and self-expression. Unleash your creativity! People stunned by the 'perfect' output of the pop industry are often locked in their passive consumer state. My aim with this interactive entertainment project, to liberate, teach and uplift my audience to become active co-creators of our visual streams.

Jazz at Dzzs 2015.

installation / app

I reinterpret the classic space of an art gallery by exhibiting artists in a generative virtual reality. These mind-bending spatial structures let my audience experience art from a whole new perspective. Beside curating my own space, I am open to collaborate with fellow organisations to create specific virtual-exhibitions.

OAA - Kumiko Tani 2014.

mixed media installation

Interactive chaos of electric signs. We left the jungle at the birth of our civilization. By today in our postmodern / pre-cyber age it fully recreated itself from plastic and metal meshed with wired and wireless signals parallel in reality and in blooming virtual spaces. This is my Jungle, my answer to the situation I've born in. Technological knowledge fed through organic desires...

Hundread Years Gallery, London 2013.


2010-2011 Art Teleport
2009-2010 Shpongleland
2008-2012 Raysailors
2007-2008 Remixed Masters
2004-2008 Remixed Cities


2008-2009 Compostion Robotics
2007-2008 Electric Jungle Web
2006-2009 Psychedilic Ship
2006-2008 Abstract Aspect
2002-2006 Neuralbox
2002-2003 Ocean Chaos